Renato Falaschi was born in Bari, Italy, and started at the age of 8 playing classical piano and guitar. Later, he studied at the Conservatory (Diploma of Classical Piano) and at the Jazz University of Terni (Diploma of Arranger and Director for Big Band). As a pianist, Renato has been participating in a series of RAI programmes, including one of their most popular shows, Fantastico 6. Renato has been collaborated with various well known Italian but also international artists. His first recording, a smooth jazz version of Billy Joel’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ is ranked 5th in ‘The Best Tracks Of 2007’ by radio host Jimi King of In 2009, Renato also realeased a Smooth Jazz album, titled ‘Summer Rain’ and to support that release, he performed at the London jazz club Pizza Express, with other Smooth Jazz artists such as Rocco Ventrella, Oli Silk and Jaared. Renato’s latest compositions: ‘Following My Soul’ (2014), ‘Shades Of A Sentimental Heart’ (solo piano) and in 2015 a re-interpretation of ‘Love Boat’, the soundtrack of the legendary TV series.

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