Keyboardist James Lloyd, drummer Curtis Harmon and bassist Cedric Napoleon founded ‘Pieces of a Dream’ in Philadelphia in 1976. They were still teenagers at that time and based the band’s name on ‘Pieces of Dreams’, a cover tune by Stanley Turrentine that they performed. The guys were swinging so hard as teenagers that the great Count Basie once proclaimed them “a tough act to follow”. But it was another jazz legend, Grover Washington Jr., who helped Pieces of a Dream become the internationally known stars they are today by producing their first three albums. Lloyd was only a senior in high school when the first record was released. Some years later, the group amicably parted ways with long time friend Cedric. In total, Pieces of a Dream has released 22 studio albums so far. Though jazz-based, the group also emphasized R&B and incorporated funk, quiet storm, hip-hop, new jack swing, and smooth jazz into their recordings. The band’s trademark are catchy riffs, infectious grooves and compelling vocals (featuring vocalists like Eva Cassidy, Barbara Walker or Maysa Leak).


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