He was born to sing. Already in the second grade, he knew that. Larry Braggs is passionate, powerful and spiritual – and so is his voice. Cut from the same cloth as some of the world’s greatest vocalists, the voice of the 2-time Grammy nominee and current lead singer for The Temptations ranges over three octaves. Combined with his unrivalled stage presence, that has made him one of the most electrifying entertainers on tour. He was born one of nine brothers and sisters and he was the first to go to college in his family. “My parents taught us we were put here on this earth with a God-given purpose, that everyone has talent, and that it’s up to us to discover and nurture the one talent that will distinguish us, because that’s the talent that’s going to shape our lives”, says Larry, who after college studied at the University of Arkansas.

He graduated with a major in music and shortly after he was given a “vehicle” to “shape his life”: Tower of Power. Larry had been the lead vocalist for the soul band for the past 14 years, but someday started to work on his solo career. In 2005, he published his debut album, and since then, he has become one of the most sought after singers in the business, touring almost 200 days out of the year. What has always been important for the classically trained tenor, is never to forget, who believed in him early on and nurtured the talent he believed he had. “I have always had a special place in my heart for educators and mentors who help shape the young inspiring minds of others to achieve their goals and help them as they grow. I believe, if you give back on your journey, God will bless you.”

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