Keyboards & Percussion

Four80East is an electro-jazz collective that’s all about the groove. Mixing jazz with soul music and electronic production/dance, the Canadian producer duo of Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace have created their very special signature bass-propelled sound. Since breaking out with their critically acclaimed first release ‘The Album’ in 1997, Four80East has been a mainstay on contemporary jazz radio and touring circuits with hits like ‘Eastside’ and ‘Noodle Soup’ and five subsequent albums. Although the ‘band’ was born as a studio project, DeBoer and Grace have been able to transform their layered and captivating sonic productions into a high-energy live show with the help of many world class session musicians who join them on stage. DeBoer, a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, guitar and bass, fronts the band on their live performances. For 20 years as producers and songwriters and almost as long as Four80East, they’ve reinvented themselves time and time again and are continually putting their unique twist on contemporary jazz. For them music is all about being fresh and exciting and ALL ABOUT THE GROOVE!

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